MOTHER: Platinum Kush

FATHER: Washington Heights Haze


FLOWERING: 60-63 Days

STRUCTURE: medium tall

The Kushington is a strain that has its roots in New York. The mother, Platinum Kush from the NY State Indian Reserves, has a dominant Kush aroma that overpowers other strains in the grow room. It has a sturdy stalk development with high resistance to mold and pests. After countless years of our daily haze ritual, we were blessed from a friend with an over mature batch where one bud contained three seeds. Sprouting those three common pheno types and mothering opened the door to our WTG Washington Heights Haze or, as we call it, the Piffington. The Kushington is an amazing collaboration from both sides of the spectrum. Mid sized buds packed with resin and a pungent floral Kush aroma, clutter medium sized stalks with buds spaced out perfectly for an even, light distribution. The Kushington is a unique plant that held strong to its Kush flavor and sturdy build while taking the best attributes of the piffery. Floral aromas flood this plant with a strong Kush bite on every toke.