N.Y.S.O.M. ( New York State Of Mind )

Mother: Washington Hight’s Haze

Father: Dosido #18

Sex: REG

Flower Time: 64 Days

Structure: Medium Tall multi top

Wake UP!!!! NYSOM The strain that never sleeps. A perfect day begins with haze, bacon eggs and cheese and OJ. This positive energy power plant sends you soaring threw euphoric calm relaxing feelings overwhelms you with the energy to start the day. She makes you yearn for the sound of your alarm clock knowing that sound begins your blissful engagement with her. The plant is medium height exhibiting a mild stretch during flower. Terp profiles range from a perfect blend of cookie and piff to heavy and leaners in each direction. Our keeper no 7 is remarkably similar to her mothers characteristics exhibiting heavy church aromas with a mild hint of Dosi.



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